stemCLEARWATER, FLA. – Stem cell treatment is a technique used by medical professionals to treat or prevent a disease of condition.


Discovered first in the 1950s, adult stem cells are present in bone marrow. There are two types of adult stem cells: hematopoietic (HSCs) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). HSCs can form all types of blood cells, and MSCs can form tissues like bone, cartilage or fat. Trials on animals have proven successful.


Adult stem cells can also come from adipose tissue and blood. They can also be derived from the blood of the umbilical cord after a child is born.


Stem cells are used in medicine to repair an area of the body that is damaged. Oftentimes, donors will donate healthy marrow to a chemotherapy patient to help repair what is damaged by chemotherapy. They stem cells heighten the immune system of the patient and help fight off cancerous cells, and it also helps to regenerate the body.


Several diseases can also be treated with stem cells. Neurological conditions like spinal cord injuries, strokes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease can be treated. Additionally, burns and other skin conditions could also be treated.


Stem cell therapy cannot be considered a cure for a disease, but it has had great effectiveness in assisting patients with anemia and blood conditions, cancers and wounds and injuries. The hope is that one day, stem cells could be used to treat COPD, diabetes, arthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) and HIV/AIDs.


The team of medical professionals at NSI Stem Cell are currently using stem cell therapy to treat a variety of diseases and disorders. Here are a few of the many procedures the medical team is currently offering:



Also known as blood injection therapy, this medical treatment is being used for a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. It enhances the body’s ability to heal itself naturally and is used to improve healing and shorten recovery time for soft tissue injuries.


Sandra Dixon, an NSI patient, was in an accident that damaged her knees. She used the Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy option to treat her knees.


“This therapy is so non-invasive, it’s all natural and that’s really why I was drawn to NSI,” she said.



Medical professionals will use the patient’s own stem cells to treat chronic issues without the need for surgery or excessive medication.


Some of the disease and conditions that NSI Stem Cell is using stem cell therapy to work with include heart disease, the number one killer in the United States.


The NSI team use adipose (fat) stem cells that are coaxed into differentiating into the cell types needed in the stem cell-based treatment and injected back into the patient. They then travel to the heart and repair and regenerate as they go. Because these are the patient’s own stem cells, there is no risk of rejection.


Neurological stem cell therapy is used by the NSI team to isolate and expand the patient’s own adult neural stem cells from each treatment. The stem cells are used to aid in the regeneration and repair of neural circuitry. This is useful for patients who have paralysis, muscular problems, poor coordination, seizures, confusion, pain, shifts in consciousness and patients who are losing physical sensations.


Stem cell therapy can also be used to treat cosmetic issues such as hair loss and aging. In fact, stem cell therapy for hair lost is the most advanced and modern approach available for treating this condition that affects 335 million men and 21 million women in America alone.


There are nearly 20 diseases, deficiencies and conditions being treated with stem cells at NSI Stem Cell in Florida. If you are interested in seeing if your condition or disease can be treated with stem cells, call NSI Stem Cell at 877-278-3623 or visit them online at nsistemcell.com and complete the eligibility form.



The mission of NSI Stem Cell is to improve the quality and quantity of the lives of our patients by using the latest regenerative medicine technology to reverse diseases and repair tissue while avoiding invasive surgical techniques and harmful medication.


Based in Florida, the NSI Stem Cell team is home to seasoned doctors and clinicians who are passionate about assisting their patients. They work together to deliver seamless, safe and effective patient care. For more information on NSI Stem Cell and stem cell research, visit the company online.

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