osteoThe Osteopathy is a therapy called “manual”. This technique is addressed directly to the body and makes handling it the essential means of symptom relief, and even healing. Back pain, trauma squeal, rhinitis, and even stress, the field of action osteopaths goes from head to toe. It is not recognized as a wholly medicine only as an annex discipline, contrary to what happens in other countries. After unsuccessfully used anti-inflammatory and session’s physiotherapy against his back pain, Jean turns to the osteopathy. A technique which is relieves despite some remaining difficulties. Focus on the work of the abdomen in osteopathy.


Usually we think osteopathy for joint pain or muscle. But this practice can also relieve the organs and facilitate abdominal pain. The purpose of this session with the osteopath is to restore mobility to certain organs to relieve pain. Osteopathy, a solution in case of trigeminal neuralgia the sessions of osteopathy can also relieve facial neuralgia. The osteopathy is known to relieve pain such as back pain , the sciatic , the sprains but osteopathic could be recommended in many diseases such as constipation , the UTI , the asthma , the ear , the headaches , sleep disorders or if trigeminal neuralgia .