Pelvic floor exercises

andrewsDo you suffer from a leaky bladder? Is it embarrassing to go out on social occasions because you must cut them short to use the bathroom? Do you wake up wet from urine drip or leak when you are desperate for the bathroom and can’t get there in time?

These are horrible frustrations for anyone that suffers from this condition. Till now people suffering from a leaky bladder have only had the traditional solutions of medication and surgery available to them.

Medication is a temporary fix to the issue and does not solve the underlying source of the problem, it also comes with unwanted side effects that can sometimes add to or exasperate the problem. The alternative option in extreme cases is surgery, this is invasive alternative and involves anaesthetic and cutting tissues, it can also lead to further complications down the road in life.


What if we told you that you can fix your leaking bladder without the need for medication or surgery? What if there was a permanent solution that didn’t involve you wearing briefs or some other temporary solution but rather offered something that was permanent and lasts for life, would that be like a dream come true for you?

No pills, no knife, just thirty days of exercises and you are free of the troubles of your leaking bladder forever! The 30-day programme features pelvic floor exercises specifically designed to restore and strengthen your pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is the seal for your bladder and if it is weak, then it will allow for the bladder to leak. This proprietary 30-day programme shows you the exact exercises that you need to perform to strengthen your pelvic floor and stop and leaking.


Developed by Suzanne Andrews, this 30-day programme will work for anyone, of any age. The results have been logged and verified by top medical professionals that all used to recommend the traditional solutions of pills and surgery to their patients but now recommend Suzanne’s exercise system instead! If this solution is pain-free, has no side-effects and lasts for life, wouldn’t you want it? Still sound too good to be true?

Not only can this amazing 30-day exercise system totally transform your leaking bladder, it can be done in a few minutes every day, no matter where you are! No need for fancy equipment, just simply practice the exercises at home, in the office on the road or where ever you find yourself in your daily activities.

Pelvic floor exercises extend beyond just Kegels to an entire range of movements that greatly assist in bladder control. With today’s modern society inclined toward sedentary activity and lifestyle choices, it’s easy for us to lose focus on our physical health and fitness. This leads to injury and disease creeping in on us either through genetic disorders or external environmental factors.


Choosing a lifestyle that embraces physical activity and quality nutrition is important but the first stop on regaining control of your leaking bladder is learning how to control your pelvic floor and then how to strengthen it to eliminate the leaking bladder issue.

30 days is all it takes; don’t you think that it is worth a try? Think about the savings you will receive from the unnecessary expense removing padding and creams from your monthly shopping list, not only the cost savings but the lifestyle freedom that comes from having a healthy bladder that you can control.


How much would it be worth to you to be free from this uncomfortable, embarrassing condition forever? Take on the challenge over the next thirty days and log the improvements for yourself, we are sure that you will be more than impressed with the results and your new freedom in your life!

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