Stay on top of your medical records with Healee

We all know the importance of leading a healthy and balanced life in both what we eat and the time we take to look after our bodies through regular exercise and healthy eating. Sure some are more aware of this than others, but this doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply to anyone. If you’re not one of these people, remember it’s never too late to start taking good care of your body, if you are one of these people then remember it’s also always good to keep re-energizing yourself with new fitness ideas and healthy food eating.  With the hectic world we live in nowadays it’s even more important to look after yourself and the stress and strains of modern life on our bodies causes untold problems for us, which is why it’s so important to stay on top of these things.  Remember that prevention is always better than cure so before you start take a good look at yourself and how you can fix things.


Of course there are times in life when no amount of healthy eating or exercise can help an ailment or a disease that maybe you have unfortunately been afflicted with. When this happens it’s important that you contact good medical advice as soon as possible. The doctor will most likely diagnose the problem and then out you on a course of medication if the affliction is not to dangerous. Making sure you take this full course of medication is of utmost importance, yes we know, people can be forgetful, this is only part and part of the course as we are all humans. They say it takes 30 days to build a habit, so start taking your medication so it falls into a habitual course where it becomes second nature to what you do on your day to day routine. Over time you will start to just accept it as part of the routine and it’s very unlikely you will forget if you have been doing this habitually.


On the flipside if you are a little forgetful thankfully there are many sources out there that can help as keep on top of this schedule we need to maintain. One of these fantastic options available to us is . This unbelievably helpful site is jam packed for helpful information and they even have a free medication reminder.

What more can we ask for! Well let’s have a look on what they have to offer.


Healee enables you to take total control of all your available medical records and gain very valuable insight on various medical patterns that you have not been able to see before. They help you store your medical information in the most secure way possible and what’s even more you’re able to access it from any device that has an internet connection. So next time you’re at the doctors or a medical centre you can pull up all the information needed at the click of a button, now how convenient is that!



What’s even better is that Healee is 100% free! That’s right you have to pay nada, nilch, nothing! Now how great is that. What’s even better is the platform wont bombard you with unwanted ‘ads’ like so many other sites do.  At Healee the site was built with the highest security in mind, they don’t store password anywhere on their servers, what’s more is they even securely store your email (hashed and salted) which is something that is unheard of with most other ‘secure’ sites.  This also means that Healee themselves don’t know your email which means you can jump for joy as you won’t be receiving any spam, well not that the fantastic team at Healee would do this anyway.  And the icing on the cake? This means that Healee is HIPAA compliant in it’s basic form.


So there you go, that’s just a little more information on how Healee can help you manage your health. If you’re looking for more information  on this ground breaking site then you can click here . You can also read more about the great features offered here.  Finally, why not get in touch with one of their friendly team today and see how they can help you out.


You can also read more about Healee here on Medium.


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