The Amazing Work of Natural Healing of Tampa Bay

healNatural healing of Tampa Bay is a healing centre founded by Dr Heath Lambert and Alex Lambert for the overall health and wellness of their patients. Dr Heath Lambert is an advanced orthogonist practitioner and chiropractic physician whose professional focus is in the upper cervical spine and how it affects the neuro-vascular, orthopedic and muscular health of the body. Dr Lambert Chiropractic  is trained in a number of chiropractic techniques that enable him give his patients the best kind of Carr and the chiropractic training techniques include : Activator level 1&2, Cox Flexion and Distraction technique, Gunstead technique, cranial suture manipulation, diversified technique, Thompson technique and a host of others.

Alex Lambert on the other hand is a certified chiropractor and physical preparation specialist whose numerous trainings have made him a specialist in the body’s functional movement. He analyses the body movement and how it affects the structure and overall health of the body.


Services of Natural Healing of Tampa Bay

This health and wellness centre has a number of services that they offer to their patients so as to provide them with relief and healing. The services they offer are as follows.

  • Chiropractic Care of The Upper Cervical Spine

Dr Lambert’s specialty is in chiropractic care of the upper cervical spine and how it affects the overall functions of the body. In this centre, diagnosis is carried out using  state of the art x-ray equipments to ascertain the problem with the upper cervical spine. Once the xray is gotten, analysis is carried out by a software to find out areas where there is misalignment in the upper cervical spine. On occasion where misalignment is found, the centre offers several chiropractic techniques to the patients to ensure proper alignment of the spine and to avoid misalignment in the future.

  • Bio-mechanical Re-education

Natural healing of Tampa Bay centre understand the strain the muscles of the body pass through and this service is to avoid permanent damage to the muscles of the body. This treatment method analyses the functional movements of the body to find areas where there is deterioration in movement so as to correct it.  Neuromuscular re-education pinpoints areas where there is likelihood of pain and injury and Dr Lambert chiropractic techniques are carried out to ensure that the body remains in top shape.


  • Muscular Testing

This testing is to ensure that the nerve system of the body is working properly. If there are any inadequacies in the body’s electrical system,  the specialists at the centre will analyse it to find out the problem and it’s source to know here go treat it accordingly. This treatment is done with the intent of ensuring the body functions properly.  Muscular testing is also carried out to find out how the patients body is utilizing the supplements provided. The healing centre provides  supplements and nutrition for its patients to ensure their health and wellness.



The mission of natural healing of Tampa Bay is to provide its patients with relief and wellness so that they can live their best lives without pain or strain. Natural healing of Tampa Bay is one of the leading healing centres in Florida.  For more information please visit chiropractor brandon