What Is So Good About Acai Superfood?

acai2Acai, is a food supplement available in various forms from specialist health shops. Why would anybody go to the trouble and expense of taking this supplement? Well the short answer is that it is good for the health. The long answer in short is that the acai super food is so rich in antioxidants that lots of the free radicals in your body are put down and this is really advantageous to your health. For a jargon free answer, the long long one, we need to journey into the microscopic, cellular level of the human body. This post is brought to you by Growhealth.org.




Our bodies are made up of cells. microscopic sacks of biological mass. Cells differ according to what they do. So skin cells have a slightly different make up to say lung cells or hair cells and so on. By the way, do you know the difference between microscopic and minute? Microscopic means particles too small to be seen with the naked eye and minute lives in my pond with my goldfish. Just a little scientist joke there. Anyway back to our journey into the body. Cells are made up of molecules.



Now molecules are like people in that they love to have the right partner. Like a jigsaw piece, when they have the right partner they just settle down and do their job within the body. But if they have a spare electron and no partner they rampage around their neighborhood doing damage to all the nearby cells. The acai super food supplement, being full of antioxidants, give partners to all these loose canon electrons and get them to settle down. The acai super food is a good source of partner jigsaw pieces for the lonely ones in your body.

Check out this great video on Clinical studies on Acai.

The signs of rampaging electrons, or ‘free radicals’ are the signs of cell breakdown and aging. You know, hair loss, flaking skin, wrinkles and poor muscle tone to name but a few. So acai super food really does what all those cosmetic commercials tells us that their products do. They slow down the signs of aging. Now free radicals are a fact of life and we cannot hold back the deterioration of our bodies forever. But for a healthier and longer life the old adage that ‘we are what we eat’ is certainly true. And that is what is so good about the 100% pure acai super food.



Here are 20 benefits of the acai berry

1.    Gives us increased energy levels.
2.    Improves gastric workings.
3.    Improves thought processes.
4.    Promotes a good nights sleep.
5.    Provides all daily vitamin requirements.
6.    Includes several important minerals.
7.    Is an excellent fighter of free radicals. It has ten times the anti-oxidants of red grapes.
8.    Acai has very high levels of fiber.
9.    Detoxifies the body of nasty poisonous substances.
10.    Strengthens your immune system.
11.    Enhances libido and sexual performance.
12.    Fights abnormal (cancerous) cells.
13.    Keeps you looking younger for longer.
14.    Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin.
15.    Eases blood sugar balance or diabetes. It is certainly low in natural sugar.
16.    Balances your cholesterol levels. It certainly only has good unsaturated fats but needs to be part of a balanced diet.
17.    Helps keep you heart functioning normally.
18.    Minimizes swollen tissue or inflammation.
19.    Boosts your blood circulation.
20.    Prevents arteriosclerosis.

Turn you Acai Berry into Juice

There is a new breakfast juice drink that is better for you than even apple and orange juice. It’s the acai (pronounced a-sigh-ee) berry juice from the acai palm tree in the Amazon river basin in Brazil. How exotic is that? Throughout history this fruit and it’s juice has given health and life to the natives of Brazil. There is little evidence of it’s curative properties but overwhelming evidence of the acai berry juice’s health-promoting properties.

The Açaí fruit is a small, round and mostly purple grapelike berry. Like most tropical fruits it has a very large stone and consquently less pulp. The outer layer of the fruit is deeply colored purple, blue or green dependant on the variety. It has always been a staple of the Brazilian diet and with the technology to juice and freeze the pulp it is now available worldwide, but at a price of course.

The pulp and juice of the Açaí berries is used mostly in juice blends, but can also complement salads and smoothies. The industry of course extracts every drop of value from the fruit. It is high in oil content and has a very short shelf life. Just a day or two after picking. Therefore they have to be rapidly mixed into yoghurts, pulp powder and even fruit juices with preserving agents or frozen before deterioration sets in.

The Açaí fruit is rich in all the usual suspects such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. But what makes it into a true ‘superfood’ is the large amount of antioxidants and anthocyanins. These are substances including vitamins A, C and E that help break down ageing free radicals in the body. It is claimed that the açaí fruit aids digestion and has a strong cleansing and detoxifying influence throughout the body. It is also said to be a boost to the body’s immune system and heart by preventing inflammation.

Some scientists however are sceptical of claims that the far-flung acai megaberry is so much better for us than homegrown varieties. Their exoticism gives them a status beyond their true value. Like all berries they have nutritional benefits as part of a balanced diet. So don’t go overboard on this latest of superfoods. Rather take it for what it is, a healthy supplemtal and tasty alternative to the old favorites, OJ and the humble apple juice.

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