What Is The Best Way To Prevent Hair Loss

clickOver the years, there have been various ways to prevent hair loss and none of these methods has worked as they should. This has become a great concern for men, women and even children.

In order to prevent hair loss totally, you have to get rid of the enzyme that causes it; alpha-5 reductase thus reducing the DHT production and the only way this enzyme can be reduced is by the use of folligen.

Folligen contains copper peptides; these peptides have been shown to assist in the rejuvenating of hair by strengthening the roots of your hair and thickening the long stems of your hair.

So for those whose worst fear is baldness, fear no more. Folligen for hairloss can be found in a wide range of products; lotions, creams and sprays. It is medically tested and has proven to help in the rejuvenation of hair.