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d1About 25.8 million people in the United States alone suffer from diabetes, according to the Center for Disease Control. Moreover, 79 million people have the prediabetes form of the disease. In 2012, CBS News reported that nearly 370 million people all around the world have diabetes, but only about half of them are diagnosed.

So, what is diabetes anyway? Diabetes is a disease that impairs the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin, which results in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine.


There are three major types of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and gestational.

If you have type 1 diabetes, your body can’t make insulin. Your immune system attacks and destroys the cells in your pancreas that makes insulin. Usually diagnosed in children and young adults, people with this form of the disease have to take insulin every day to stay alive. Type 2 diabetes sufferers have difficulty making or using insulin well. Most people develop this when they are middle-aged and older people and is the most common. Gestational diabetes develops in some women when they are pregnant. It normally goes away after the baby is born.

Because high blood sugar can damage parts of the body, diabetic sufferers need special diabetic shoes. The shoes are specially designed with the intent to reduce the risk of skin breakdown and to protect blood vessels and nerves in the feet.

Here are some specific diseases or difficulties brought on by diabetes. These issues would occur less often or be manageable with the use of diabetic shoes:



Many diabetics suffer from food ulcers. It is actually one of the most common causes of hospitalizations among diabetes patients and can be linked to issues that can cause lower extremity amputations, infections, gangrene and sometimes death.


Foot ulcers are also considered long-term complications of the disease. About 15 percent of all diagnosed diabetics will develop foot ulcers at some point in their lives.



d3With gangrene, the tissues in the feet don’t get enough oxygen and end up dying. The condition is classified into three categories including wet, dry and gas. With wet gangrene, bacterial infections occur in body tissues. Dry gangrene is very common and can affect the hands and feet. It is caused by poor circulation and can change the color of the tissue from its regular color to a purple or blue color. Gas gangrene is the least common, but the most dangerous. This form develops in the internal organs and can result in trauma to the muscles.

Therapeutic shoes for diabetics can not only help prevent some of these complications by increasing circulation that diabetics do not always get with other shoes. Additionally diabetics’ feet tend to swell more than someone’s who doesn’t have the disease. Diabetic shoes are often deeper and wider to accommodate this.


Is there a treatment for diabetes?


There is no known cure for diabetes currently; scientists around the world are working around the clock to find a solution for those suffering from this d4disease. Thankfully there are many things you can do to reduce the effect of diabetes on your body. For example it’s known the less stressed you are the more your body can heal and the less blood sugars your body will produce. This means it’s important to keep yourself in a healthy and relaxed state so start doing exercise, calming techniques such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation.


You can also visit for more information – this site is jam packed full of advice for various ways you can reduce the effects of diabetes on your system. You can learn more about diet and fitness here or why not check out this great section on living with diabetes.  You can also learn more about the great team behind the site here and how they’ve come to creating this great section of content for you.


If you would still like to find out more information we’ve sourced these 2 great videos for you which explain the ins and outs of diabetes for you.


If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.



What’s the difference between a regular dentist and a pediatric dentist?

startHow does it relate to your children’s oral health? As a parent, we can understand that your child’s health is your top priority. Seeing a pediatric professional regarding your kid’s teeth and gums can go a long way to soothing your concerns about your child’s oral health.

The difference between normal dentists that treat adult patients and pediatric practitioners is the fact that they are trained and experienced in handling the emotional excitement of children when they are undergoing an oral exam or diagnosis. Pediatric dentists undergo a specialized training program that equips them with the additional experience and knowledge they need to deal with the emotional and physiological needs of kids in the dentist’s chair. This advanced training helps them in treating kids of all ages, from infants to adolescents.


Pediatric dentists are well trained in establishing a child’s dental history from the formative years well into their teens. They have the ability and expertise to diagnose and treat infant tooth decay, discover pacifier issues that may be affecting the teeth’s development as well as handle all other aspects of anesthesia and surgery related to child oral health.

Establishing a solid dental history is the paramount task for the best pediatric dentist Overland Park has to offer. We work with you over the years to keep your child’s oral care in check. This helps to build your child’s dental history and assist other dentists in the future with their evaluation of your child’s teeth and gums and any need for orthodontic care.

Almost 75% of adults have some sort of fear when thinking about an upcoming dental visit, with 5-10% of those people experiencing extreme phobias when thinking about an appointment in the dentist’s chair. With this being a problem in adults, it’s understandable that the fear in children would be even greater. Pediatric dentists are trained to assist children of all ages in having a pleasant dental experience that does not cause them any sort of stress and keeps them interested in the importance of their dental health.


Creating the right environment for a child extends from not just the dentist’s chair, but to the entire dental experience absorbed by the child. From the entrance to the appointment desk and the waiting area, the theme of everything in the office and surgery should be geared toward captivating a child’s mind and preoccupying it with happy thoughts, visuals, audios and smells, giving them positive re-enforcement markers that leave a positive experience. If you make their first visit a friendly a fun-filled adventure, then they will have a good start to their dental relationship in the future.


Keeping the active child’s mind transfixed with colorful, exciting activities and influences is by no means as easy as simply turning on a TV and playing some cartoons. The entire environment needs to be carefully planned and executed to give a complete nurturing experience that leaves the child feeling confident and acceptant to new stimulus. The dentist should be seen as a friendly uncle or aunt in the eyes of the child and they should be informed of the benefits of visiting their extended family member regularly during the course of their life.

Building the habit of regular dentistry in your child’s mind is as important as the visit itself, so make sure to always speak of your pediatric dentist in the highest regard and make them aware of the importance of their role in the maintenance of their oral health. Should your child revert from the confident safe-zone to a troubled state of panic, a pediatric dentist is well-trained to deal with sudden emotional outbursts and neutralize them before they get out of hand.

The necessity of a good pediatric dentist to manage your child’s dental health is a critical component of their childhood, make sure you choose specialized care and give them the solid foundation they need for good oral health at an early age.

To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can read more about the great team behind the site here or why not check out how affordable they are compared to other dentists.  They have a great feature packed page here which describes the treatments offered. Of course if you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help. If social media is your thing then please follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


msIf you play sports, or if you’ve had an injury in a car accident or fall, you know the pain associated with your recovery. While the human body is rather resilient, sometimes the pain is just a bit too much to handle.


Doctors who diagnose their patients with injuries typically set them up for physical therapy, which could be rather expensive. At Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond, you will not have to worry about your injuries taking over your life and making it harder to perform daily tasks that keep you from doing the things you love.


Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond, located in Australia, is unique in its own right. Each of the practitioners (Rick Saunders, Daniel Rodgers and Elliot Christopher), have a background in sports and have each experienced some sort of sport-related injury. This makes them more sensitive to the needs of their clients.


During their massages, the team uses a beeswax formula instead of oil, which allows them to slowly grip onto their patients “knots.” With a little bit of elbow grease, the knot is stretched and expands back to its normal, relaxed state. Massages have been around for centuries and are one of the best proven ways to relax and get some down time; massage styles vary from culture to culture and these will range from soft relaxing massages to the more energetic and ‘tough’ deep tissue massage which is designed for various medical situations and muscle issues.


The team’s massages can help alleviate pain associated with several conditions and injuries including wry neck, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, neck and shoulder tension, sports injuries and headaches and migraines. They also offer upper and lower back, hip, groin, knee, and soft tissue massages.


Patients at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond can expect a “good pain” during massages. The person performing the massage will have the work out the knots, or work on the area of your body that is injured, which may be a bit painful at first, but according to customer Helen Miller, it is completely worth it.


“After not being able to move my neck for 3 days straight, I am finally pain free,” she wrote in a review. “Whilst painful at first, my therapist at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond worked deeper and deeper whilst stretching my neck and shoulders. I could literally feel the tension release throughout the entire session.”


Another patient, Brett Danielson, called his experience “the most effective and thorough sports massage I have ever had.”ms5


“My hips, lower back and legs felt so much lighter and free after just a few sessions,” he continued. “Hands down the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. I highly recommend Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond.



Based in Australia, the practitioners at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond are focused on treating and helping to improve their patients’ injuries. The team is comprised of Rick Saunders, Daniel Rodgers and Elliott Christopher. Each of the practitioners has a sporting background and understand what it is like to have painful injuries that can limit everyday performance and function.


For more information, or to make an appointment, visit to fill out an online contact form. The practice is located at 270 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia. You can find out more about the great team behind the site here. Got any questions at all? Stop by their FAQ page here for all the info you need and if you’re still a little unsure then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the friendly team here. They also have some great testimonials here which you can browse.


Sometimes, life can hit you hard. A recent nation-wide survey revealed that 15 million American adults struggle with anxiety and depression, and in 2000, affected between 5 and 8 percent of adolescents.


Millions of Americans also struggle with their marriages, and teens and children suffer with issues like bullying, tantrums and more. With Wake Counseling and Mediation, citizens in the Cary, N.C. area can get the best counseling for these some of these issues.


wake1Wake Counseling and Mediation’s counselors specialize in child, teen and couples counseling as well as treatment for anxiety, depression and trauma or PTSD. Here is some more information on each of the services offered by the practice:



Finding ways to communicate with children can be difficult. While many children have the time of their lives as youngsters, many have trouble communicating their fears and feelings alike. Many times, parents come in for child counseling dealing with issues like attention problems, mood swings, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), behavioral issues, adjustment issues and more.



Teenage years are all about finding your identity & taking risks or engaging in irrational behaviors to discover self. Because of this, combined with the stress associated with school, and biological, emotional and social changes, many teens develop anxiety, depression and body image issues among others. Teen Counseling at Wake Counseling and Mediation can help teens cope without engaging in self harm, and learn to manage symptoms related to anxiety, depression, ADD and more.



There are tons of issues that can put a strain on any relationship. During Couples Counseling, Wake Counseling and Mediation can help couples dealing with communication issues, learn to parent effectively, problem solving, resolve trust or infidelity issues.



Anxiety counseling is important for those who constantly worry, self-sabotage, avoid situation or people that trigger anxiety. If you are kept awake at night by worry, or you are afraid you will mess up at your job and lose it, you may need anxiety counseling at Wake Counseling and Mediation.



You could benefit from depression treatment and counseling from Wake Counseling and Mediation if you are dealing with a history of mood related issues or situational depression and have lost interest in the things you used to love doing. Depression comes in many forms, and can affect people of any age at any point in their lives. Contact the practice and schedule your appointment for depression treatment today.



Scary moments in your life can cause lasting mental and emotional damage. From witnessing a traumatic event, to dealing with the emotional and mental issues associated with war, Wake Counseling and Mediation can help. The team at the practice are ready to help with any situation.



Wake Counseling and Mediation is located in Cary, N.C. and specializes in child, teen and couples counseling. The team is made up of Licensed Counselors who are well educated to help their clients through a number of situations. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Wake Counseling and Meditation, visit them online, call 919-647-4600 or email You Can also visit one of the two practices: The Cary counseling practice at 1148 Executive Circle, Office No. 6; or the Holly Springs counseling practice at 364 Raleigh Street.


Forskolin Fit Pro vs Body Blast Forskolin – Which one is a better supplement

Forskolin Fit Pro and Body Blast Forskolin are made from Coleus Forskohlli extract also known as Borfosin or Coleus Barbatus (Plectranthus barbatus) of the mint family. It has been used in Brazil, parts of Asia, Eastern and Central Africa. It was used traditionally to treat urinary tract disorders, asthma, and digestive complications.  In India, it was used in Ayurveda preparations to manage high blood pressure.

Forskolin Fit Pro

Manufactured in the USA, this supplement contains 100% Forskolin root extract. It elevates the production of cyclic AMP or (cAMP) whose primary function is cell communication and regulation of body metallic rate. Scientific studies have shown that an increase in cAMP level causes stimulation of the thyroid gland, which is known to control metabolic rate. When cAmp levels are high in the body the thyroid gland causes the liver to continuously burn fat.


The outcome of this process is improved metabolism, leaner muscles, and reduction of overall body fat.

 Is it safe?

It is not surprising that there are very few reports or complaints by customers having experienced side effects after using Forskolin Fit Pro. This is because this supplement is a natural plant extract which is safe for human consumption.


  • It is 100% natural product making it safe,
  • Scientific studies have shown that it works,
  • It has no side effects.


  • It cannot be used by pregnant and lactating mothers,
  • It cannot be taken by young children,
  • Forskolin is a natural blood thinner, therefore, patients on blood thinning medication must use it with caution,
  • People with diabetes must seek doctors’ opinion before taking any form of the supplement.

Body Blast Forskolin

It contains pure Forskolin extract as the main ingredient. Manufacturers claim that one does not need to engage in food diets or intensive exercises. They are however guarded about the exact composition of the supplement. It works by introducing fast and effective ingredients in the body that increase metabolic rate and therefore burns body fat. It also increases the rate by which the body breaks down fats.

Is it safe?

When taken in the correct dosage, this supplement is 100% safe. However, children, pregnant and lactating mothers must not use Body Blast Forskolin.


  • It is safe as it is made of 100% natural product.
  • It does require one to diet or engage in intensive exercise routines.
  • It offers a free trial period for customers to try the product.



  • There are no known consequences or negative effects of using BodyBlast’s Forskolin supplement to lose weight and burn the extra fats that are stored.

Final Thoughts

Both products are excellent for weight loss. In addition, there are claims that Forskolin is used in the management of allergies, hypertension, heart conditions, psoriasis, hypothyroidism and boosting the immune system. In addition, there are unverified scientific claims that Forskolin causes apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells and when taken with chemotherapy medication may reduce the side effects of the treatment.

Both products are available to be tested as free trials for 15 days before you can commit to it. You can claim such offers via Free Trial Marketplaces such as the TryFree.Club