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What To Do About Restless Leg Syndrome

restlessRestless Leg Syndrome is something that many people across the country deal with every day. For some, it is characterized by a slight stinging or tingling sensation throughout their legs. For others, it is a dull pain that becomes distracting and increasingly painful throughout the day. Although symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome can be experienced throughout the day, it is most common that symptoms become worst at night, thus making it extremely difficult for someone with Restless Leg Syndrome to relax, fall asleep, and get a full and restful night of sleep. While some medications have been developed to treat Restless Leg Syndrome, it is not a life threatening disease, and can be treated fairly easily in the home.


  1. Work Out

Movement has been proven to be extremely helpful for relieving symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome, so working out during the day and making sure that you’re getting some kind of exercise daily can alleviate symptoms.

In addition, wearing out your legs by working out during the day will cause both your legs and the rest of your body to be exhausted by the time you go to bed, helping you feel relaxed and ready for sleep as soon as you hit the pillow.


  1. Heat

For some people with Restless Leg Syndrome, heat is a good way to relax your muscles and become more relaxed before going to bed. Similarly, getting a massage may relax leg muscles enough to calm any pain or sensation that may become more intense at night.

  1. Cold

Conversely, using ice packs can sometimes be helpful for people with Restless Leg Syndrome because ice numbs the feelings from the muscles in the legs. However, cold may also be shocking to your nerves, and a cold shock to your nerves may make it even harder to sleep.


  1. Muscle Creams

Muscle creams such as Icy-Hot and Bengay may also be helpful for people with Restless Leg Syndrome. Massaging these creams onto muscles is similar to going through a heat and ice cycle, which relaxes muscles. However, be careful when using these creams, because they stimulate nerves and may worsen symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.


  1. Sleep Aids

For some, symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome don’t necessarily need to be treated in order for the individual to sleep. Many times, a sleep aid such as chamomile tea or lavender aromatherapy can be helpful in sleeping even when you’re feeling symptoms of your Restless Leg Syndrome.


  1. Diet

It’s important in general to have a healthy diet in order to promote a healthy lifestyle across the board, but eating healthy can also ensure that you don’t struggle when trying to fall asleep. Avoid eating too much sugar or consuming too much caffeine throughout the day, as these things can keep you up at night and force you to focus on the jitters and pains in your legs.


  1. Routine

If you create a routine out of bedtime, your body will understand that at a certain time during the day, it’s supposed to sleep. In addition to going to bed on a very comfortable and high quality mattress, such as the ones form lull, at the same time every night, do the same things before you go to bed in the same order, such as shower, lotion, brush your teeth.


  1. Do Mental Activities

Another way to relax your bod is to exhaust your mind. Try doing puzzles in bed like Sudoku or crosswords to tire out your mind. Reading may also work, just so long as it demands work of your mind until you’re tired enough to sleep.


  1. Have Sex

Although it isn’t clear to doctors why sexual activity can be helpful to people experiencing symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome, many people who suffer from the disease swear that it is helpful. It may be the physical exertion or the release, but no matter the reason behind it, it seems to be effective for many.

About the author

Kate Stefanski, a freelance writer, enjoys her sleep and shares tips and insights into getting the best night’s sleep. If you would like to learn more about Kate, you can check out her google+ profile. 


Smoking and Your Dental Health

Unless you’ve been living on Mars or under the rock somewhere, chances are that you have heard that smoking is not only bad for you, it could literally kill you — albeit not immediately.



While there’s talk about the overall effects on the body, what isn’t often talked about is its direct impact on its first point of contact, which is the mouth. If you are serious about your dental health and want to improve it, but are currently an avid smoker like myself, this article is for both of us.

In this article, we’ll show you the damages that smoking can do to your teeth and mouth as well as what it can do to your overall health. We know you’ve been told that it can cause lung cancer, but because its effects aren’t readily obvious, there’s always the tendency to ignore the warning.

Bad Breath 

Come on, we know you drink Listerine, suck on breath mints or tic-tac, chew gum or lick something minty. While this works in the short term, the reality is it doesn’t work long term — the lingering effects of the habit still remain.

For instance, smoking interferes with the production of saliva, which is necessary for keeping your breath fresh. But because of this, your salivary gland ends up producing far less saliva, resulting in the increased population of bacteria in your mouth, dry mouth and the subsequent bad breath.

Yellowed Teeth

Ever seen a smoked animal head? What do the teeth look like? Yellow, right? Well, the same goes for smokers. Every time you drag a puff, you’re slowly producing the same results as you would if your head was set on fire.

Smoking results in yellowed teeth with dark patches lining the junction between the teeth and the gums. This also results in irritation and discoloration to the gums themselves.

Increases the Risk of Gum Disease

Smoking has been linked to gum diseases. Gum diseases triggered by smoking occur as the attachment of soft tissue and bone in and around the teeth becomes compromised.

Your gums need these gum tissue cells to function optimally and reproduce the necessary tissues at a specific rate. What happens in smokers is that the production of these cells is slowed down, resulting in unhealthy gums as well as the restriction of blood flow to the gums, courtesy of the fact that nicotine is a vasoconstrictor.

As a result, most smokers become prone to oral infections, which when left unattended can result in gum disease and a slower healing of oral wounds.

Possible Cause of Leukoplakia

Ever seen anyone with white patches in their mouths? Well, these repulsive patches aren’t only detrimental to your health, they do absolutely nothing for your social and sex life — after all, no one wants to kiss anyone with white patches in their mouth.

These white patches which can be found on the tongue, the floor of the mouth or inner cheeks are often caused by a severe irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth. While there are many causes of this irritation, one of the more common causes is smoking.

Other possible side effects include the possibility of developing oral cancer, suffering inflamed salivary glands and delays healing from oral procedures. The best thing to do, therefore, is to stop smoking today and see a professional, like Ft. Lauderdale Dentist Dr. Johnson, about improving your oral health.

If you must get your nicotine fix, we would suggest cutting out traditional cigarettes and opt for e-cigs or nicotine patches. They may not be the real thing, but they get the job done and seem to be the slightly healthier alternative. That said, there’s never going to be a “good time” to quit…except today, of course.


Addiction Treatment Centers in Orange County

mentalAddiction is a disease that affects millions of people around the world and depending on the severity of the addiction and the substance involved it is sometimes best to ensure that professional help is sought in the process such as these Addiction Treatment Centers in Orange County.

In the latest hype that is concerning about legitimacy of the luxury drug rehabs as well as substance center for abuse treatment, it is crucially significant to become best educated as how highly effectively differentiate through “pure posh” since such facilities that utilize luxury as the complement to already perfect program. Unluckily, many people that are inquiring about addiction centers are commonly in the poor emotional state and it can also be simply swayed by the great sales pitch. Certainly, hope is known to be the powerful thing, and also we can look back at lives and can even recognize the times when hope has overtook the power of intuition and later it has resulted in the regret.



In case of the luxury center for addiction treatment that are mainly found in the areas likes California, Malbu, Florida, Arizona and Orange County, it is critical to identify as well as to assess the level of commitment to overall process of recovery. Luxury can be certainly wonderful thing when it is infused properly to increase the process of recovery. There are certainly different opinions within professional community of addiction treatment, but common denominator is licensed treatment centers that should usually focus on greater good of client and also work that are diligently toward assisting to ensure the long-term sobriety, that might entail.



It is extremely encouraged for people looking for the treatment or for their loved one to meticulously engage in this process to look for “right” treatment for specific needs. If you are quite much comfortable and if you have any family, friends or even colleagues with the experience in field of the treatment so certainly consider speaking them as what their thoughts are.

When you start calling with the treatment centers, you should also try to get someone else along with you. This is quite significant that the key information that you get is always processed with some reason as well as soundness along with addiction – irrespective of the fact that this is for you or this is for any other person you’re inquiring about – can create the substantial grief as well as confusion that may also lead to impulsivity.

It is important to tell everything about the patient to the counselor. It is important and so you should never be ashamed about sharing the truth. If you will hide up some information so this might create some issues and problems during the phase of treatment.



Once you will explain the entire situation you should be certain to check if the medical detox is important. The person who is answering over the phone will also likely not be the physician and might also not be capable to give a definitive or clear yes or no, though you should also ask if this case require any kind of medical detox, will there also be any physician on site and at various location that needs travel? There are certain advantages to on site physician since in few cases it is actually important. Keep checking with the counselor until you feel quite comfortable.


To find out more please visit you can browse their online directory of addiction centers here or why not check out this great article on why you should seek treatment. If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the staff who will be more than happy to help. They would also love to hear from you Twitter or Facebook.